Having a nice farmhouse cottage is a dream of everyone who wants a traditional atmosphere and an artistic touch. As its history, the farmhouse is identical to the rural environment. However, it can also represent your taste and preference for home. A homey place that you will continually enjoy every time you are in it. Even sometimes, a comfortable dwelling beneficial to feed your soul for peace.
Washed battens on the headboard bedroom for the interior design and white battens for the exterior will definetly result a nice farmhouse. Bringing traditional atmosphere by arranging some old items as the decorations and somewhere a massive cabinet is helpful to embellish the space. In addition, rattan basket is not only to store items, but also nice to make the space look artistic. In this case, wooden furnishings and battens are usually will be the dominant material that you have to provide. Trust me, it will be something pleasant that really pleases you. Let’s check the design ideas in the following for your reference.