Christmas is a magical time especially for you who live in a big city. But there is something a little dreamier about spending Christmas in the country, more specifically in a picturesque farmhouse. And to make it happen, you don’t need to move to a country. All you need is to bring the farmhouse to your home!

When decorating houses for Christmas, the one thing people neglect is the wall space. Most think that there’s not much you can do with walls anyway. But that couldn’t be more wrong! Wall space can actually be really fun and pretty once you know what to do with it. Especially, if it’s decorated with something you make yourself.

Christmas holiday has arrived, what is the most fun from Christmas? Right, decorate the house with Christmas decorations! We can make it together with our children to fill their holidays. Spread the love this holiday season with a handmade Christmas Craft that will make our house more joyful.

Your outdoor holiday decorations are truly just as important as the ones you hang up inside. That’s true on every time of the year, especially when it comes to Christmas decorations. Your house will be filled to the brim with magic and cheer in time of Christmas. One classic but easy way to up the ante to your Christmas decor is by Christmas wreaths.

When Christmas comes, you must be busy decorating your home with the festive spirits. One thing you can décor for Christmas is your chandelier. There are endless styles on how you can decorate your chandelier for Christmas, which you’ve already tried over the past few years. For this year, try something new and unique style for your chandelier, which is a boho style.

Christmas is arguably the best time to hang out with the family. However, we agree that sometimes it can get boring, and you don’t have things to do. Especially, when the kids are on a two-week-long holiday. No worries though! Because it’s not hard to make things fun at Christmas.

Who doesn’t love a modern bathroom? It has clean lines, sleek surfaces, and an uncluttered look. A modern style can be taken in a number of directions actually. Besides that, it also can stripped-down aesthetic that features natural materials and neutral colors. A modern bathroom can be a particularly conducive spot for total relaxation if done well.

Merry Christmas!! Christmas is getting closer and it is not too early to start the preparations. But what kind of decorations you ask? Well, we seriously think that homemade or DIY Christmas ornaments are the best. It’s fun to do, too!

That’s why here we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for Christmas crafts that are popular this year.  Browse through our collections and have fun creating and making new unique ornaments with your family. What’s more you can even make it a tradition each year and have unique and brilliant DIY crafts!

Christmas is coming fast! It’s the festive season and holiday we’ve been waiting for. You already know what you want to do with the interior of your home for Christmas, right? Don’t forget about your outdoor too, it also deserve Christmas touch from you. One thing you can do to bring Christmas spirits to your outdoor area is by lighting.

We all love rustic decor. This decor style gives your home a warm and cozy feeling. And plus, there are endless options that you can choose to add this kind of style to your home decor. So, if you decided to decorate your space this Christmas with rustic style, then you have come into the right page.