When decorating houses for Christmas, the one thing people neglect is the wall space. Most think that there’s not much you can do with walls anyway. But that couldn’t be more wrong! Wall space can actually be really fun and pretty once you know what to do with it. Especially, if it’s decorated with something you make yourself.

When Christmas comes, you must be busy decorating your home with the festive spirits. One thing you can décor for Christmas is your chandelier. There are endless styles on how you can decorate your chandelier for Christmas, which you’ve already tried over the past few years. For this year, try something new and unique style for your chandelier, which is a boho style.

Christmas is the wonderful time of the year, and the atmosphere becomes magical and lively. That is why we need to give every corner of our space a festive decor. But today, we’ll not talk about Christmas indoor decor. Today, we’ll give you some Christmas decor ideas for your outdoor garden!