Guide To Energy-Efficient Homes 2022

As climate change becomes more of a problem in the United States and globally, having a green home is becoming more desirable. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), there has been a notable increase in homes on the market with energy-efficient features, as homeowners try to reduce their environmental impact.

Green home features, like solar panels, can improve the efficiency of your home by requiring less energy and fewer resources. If you are thinking about upgrading your home with green features, here’s everything you need to know — including what green improvements can increase the value of your home, and how to find your Home Energy Score.

2022 energy statistics

Energy saving homes are becoming more common, and buyers are making green features a priority during their search. Here are some statistics around energy-efficient homes, including those certified as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a widely

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Home Bar Design in Modern Residential Projects

Home Bar Design in Modern Residential Projects

According to a recent survey by spirits industry market analysis firm IWSR, 54% of online buyers of alcohol in the US made their first purchase during the pandemic. Most consumers decided to ‘treat themselves’ to more expensive spirit brands than usual, many opting for the higher shelf bottles in order to finally master the art of home-made cocktails – elaborate, to-be-sipped drinks worthy of the bigger investment. IWSR says that those habits are sticking. Along with them comes the need for an aesthetic plan of attack concerning the display of said pricey bottles: home bar architecture.

Gone are the days of dark, prohibition-inspired backrooms and post-war basement bars. The home bar has officially graduated to front and center in modern residential designs, and can

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In Miami’s High-End Home Market, the Makers of Fast Cars Are Designing Condos, Too

Drive around Miami and you’ll be dazzled by an array of luxury car brands in an abundance you won’t find anywhere else. And now, those brands can be found in Miami’s skyline, too.

In recent years, elite automakers have been partnering with condo builders to create luxury branded residences, decked out with flashy amenities and extravagant services.

“Cars are a big part of people’s lifestyle in Miami,” said Jon Mann, a real estate agent with the Jills Zeder Group, who has sold units at the Porsche Design Tower and Aston Martin Residences. “These brands are looking for ways to set themselves apart and make themselves feel even more special to high net-worth individuals that have the resources to buy anything… They want to create a closer bond with that clientele.”

In Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, 1100 Millicento by Italian car design firm Pininfarina, was the first among the branded towers, with

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How a featureless new build became a characterful happy home

This five-bedroom, six bathroom home in Studio City, California, was a new Cape Cod-style construction, bought off plan complete with standard issue lighting, fixtures and fittings.

Its new owner, however, wanted to make it her own and introduce more interest, unique features and personality. Above all, she wanted to add happiness to her new home, with texture and natural elements, and called on the expertise of an interior designer to do exactly that. The result of the home’s major redesign truly makes it one of the world’s best homes – spacious, bright and full of clever design solutions.

The interior designer who brought about the transformation is Jessica Nicastro, of Jessica Nicostro Design (opens in new tab), who worked closely with the homeowner to come up with the home’s new look. ‘We came in to de-spec the home,’ explains Jessica. ‘We swapped out lighting, all furnishings, and added custom

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Interior Design Don’ts On TikTok, According To The Pros

As interior design continues to evolve, it’s no surprise that designers have transitioned to platforms like TikTok to share their design tips and tricks. As a result, TikTok has quickly grown to rival Instagram for the interior design spotlight. With fun and quirky bite-sized videos of designers sharing their favorite trends in an easy and understandable format, TikTok has created a space for homeowners to go when they require some aid in their next renovation.

One thing DesignTok, the home decor side of TikTok, has to offer in abundance is professional design tips regarding what homeowners should aim to avoid during their next remodel. We’ve gathered some of our favorite ugly interior design mistakes below to help you know what note to do in your next reno project.

modern bedroom with tall curtains and colorful blanket

Matching the tones and textures of every furniture piece

Designer @homedrawninteriors on TikTok shared their dos and don’ts for designing the perfect

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