Building a Garage, This Is a Thing to Consider!

Currently, the car garage has become an integral part of a house. so that its existence is very influential on the overall aesthetics of the face of the house. especially in limited land dwellings that require a minimalist car garage. Therefore, the process of designing and building a car garage also needs to be done carefully.

To get the right car garage as well as aesthetic. In the following, we present important things to consider when building a car garage.

Car garage attached or separate from the house?

There is a car garage attached to the house, some are separated from the house. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. One with the house makes access to the car easier. However, this type will affect the overall appearance of the facade of the house. Conversely, separate does not affect the design of the house as a whole. it’s just that you need a large enough area of the house and prepare additional access.

Garage access to and from the main road

If your residence has a fairly large and separate yard. from the main building of the house, convenient passage to the public road. or vice versa needs to be considered carefully. For that, you need a driveway, which is a connecting route with a public road.

Ideal location

In a residential plan, a minimalist car garage is usually placed close together. with service rooms such as kitchens or laundry rooms. This is done to facilitate entry or exit that connects the house.
For separate ones, the location or placement is certainly more flexible. However, still ensure an effective access point with the main house.

What’s the ideal size?

Regarding size, the main parameter that you need to pay attention to is the size of the car. If you have a small size car. like a Low Cost Green Car type car, the ideal size is 2.4 x 4.8 meters. For medium-sized cars such as vans, SUVs, double cabs, and the like, the ideal size is 3 x 6 meters. For the height of the garage, you need to add space. 1 meter above the top hood of your car.

Should it be multifunctional?

Apart from being a place to store cars, it can also be a multifunctional room in a dwelling. You can use it as well as a workshop space for workshops or carpentry hobbies.
In addition, you can also get additional space in the form of an attic, deck, or even a level structure above. For that, you need to adjust the size, add features related to your hobby, and also strengthen the structure of the building.

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