Home interior design tips: Marble backsplash ideas for every decor taste

Marble can create a multi-sensory experience and render a high-end look in the interiors as the classic, versatile stone makes a great statement and pairs beautifully with different interiors and styles when used in backsplashes. The vertical surface that protects the wall above a counter is referred to as a backsplash.

This material typically sits 2 feet tall and if well designed, can set the tone of the home décor as it occupies a key position in any space. The natural beauty of marble backsplashes provides the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, etc, with a timeless appeal.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Apoorva Shroff, Founder of Lyth Design, shared, “When you enter a well made kitchen, the first thing that grabs your eye is the backsplash. There are many tricks to creatively design this vital aspect of kitchen décor. An easy one is to fold up the exotic marble top and you automatically have a subtle yet glamorous backsplash. If the table top is simple, a colorful handmade tile can do the trick as well. If you prefer to not have too many grooves you can simply do a single line inlay of tiles at a higher level to add that hint of style.”

She advised, “To incorporate efficient details in the backsplash, it is a good idea to have a multi functional rod run across its length. This is useful in holding cookware, ladles and small sauce pans and can also double up as a design feature. If the application is in a living room counter or bar setting the possibilities are infinite. There are endless textures in marble available these days that can jazz up any ordinary piece of stone. From leather finishes to carved ornate backdrops the market is full of options to suit your taste.”

Sharing a pro tip, Apoorva Shroff recommended, “Coat it yearly with a transparent sealant for white marble especially can stain easily! A strip light hidden under the backsplash or above adds some drama to the backsplash and accentuates it. All in all, the key takeaway is, if you have a pretty backsplash you know you have a pretty space.”

Asserting that marble offers great variety and versatility hence, can be incorporated into any design scheme, Anika Mittal Dhawan, Director of Mold Design Studio, suggested a few ideas to include a marble backsplash for every decor taste:

1. For the bathroom – Change the mood of your bathroom with imagination textures, hues and varieties of marble – it can be with bold, colorful motifs, geometric, sequences or patterned stripes. Marble with backlit edges softens the ambience and makes the backsplash the focal point of your bathroom.

2. For the kitchen and pantry – The design of the kitchen backsplash depends mainly on how one uses it. For example, marble in darker hues or with dramatic patterns and veining work well in a kitchen used daily. On the other hand, lighter tones such as white work well in a show kitchen or pantry as they undergo less wear and tear.

Additionally, she spilled the beans on some ideas to elevate the aesthetics of your interiors with a marble backsplash:

Pair neutral tones of marble in the backsplash with colored cabinets to create contrast and a layered effect that is visually pleasing.

Use marble tiles of varying patterns, textures and sizes to create an eye-catching design and give the aesthetics a unique dimension.

Combine marble with natural stone to provide an earthy, tactile finish. Alternatively, opt for a matte or unpolished finish for an understated look.

Marble with metal inlays provides another level of detailing to the backsplash and is a convenient way to envelop the interiors with glamour.

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